"Bounty- the taste of paradise"

Bounty's. The chocolate bar in the selection box you used to hate as a kid but gradually grew to like until you could tolerate them in your teens. Let's be honest, who can resist a super sweet block of coconut wrapped in creamy milk chocolate when you're feeling down? For people following a Paleo, dairy or sugar- free lifestyle then this cavity inducing treat is certainly off the cards.

Picture this. It's midday and I'm procrastinating stroke attempting to write a Government essay on my kitchen table. Billy comes in craving something sweet and demanding a treat (no surprise there). I check out the situation. We have Dad's creamy Cadbury chocolate? No... Toby's peanut butter crunchy bars featuring several sugar filled ingredients? No... With minimal ingredients and no working oven, the prospects of midday indulgence were going rapidly downhill. BUT after some/too many attempts at playing around with the ingredients we did have in the pantry, I came up with something that hit the spot perfectly. (Au Revoir Government!) 

Introducing the Bounty Bar: a Paleo and in my opinion far more delicious imitation of a Bounty. 

It was a hit. The whole family loved them and what's better? We didn't feel gross afterwards. 

Try my super simple recipe and let me know what you think. Perfect for those who are Paleo, Vegan (minus the honey) or who just have a nagging sweet tooth. 

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