Balance Yoga Lakeway

Took practice in an absolutely beautiful candlelit studio in Lakeway amidst green trees and wonderful nature. This practice was so needed. After a week at home with my parents and some questionable amounts of food, I was in great desperation of a powerful intervention to refresh my mindset.

I arrived at the midday Power Vinyasa Class at Balance Yoga and was greeted by a friendly yogi who showed me around the facility. The class was challenging yet soothing and the teacher managed to successfully incorporate balance, strength and stretch in the short 1 hour meet. There's something special about being amongst nature holding tree pose and the large windows around the studio enabled me to see the green outside throughout practice. I left feeling inspired and well-exercised.

I also received my first week entirely free... so students on a budget, head out to Lakeway for a week of amazing practice for nothing! 

What I loved: the studio setting, friendly atmosphere and diversity of students.

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