July Beauty Picks

Just how I choose to nourish my body with organic, junk free food, I give my skin the care it deserves by choosing all-natural and organic beauty products. Yes, they may be more expensive, but it's a good health investment, as many of the products on the market today contain an astonishing number of chemicals. From formaldehyde to cancer-linked parabens, the everyday product you are buying is most likely a toxic masterpiece. Certified all-natural products do all that these chemicals can do and more; they are better for your health, they don't contain synthetic fragrances, and they won't harm the environment. I think they work better anyway! 

These are my favorite picks for this month:

(You will see MANY of these products from luckeythirteen.com, this is because I am truly in love with so many of their things! What's better? The family that makes them are just DARLING) 

Unlike other deodorants on the market,  Luckey Thirteen's all natural product is not only free from chemicals but both baking soda and coconut oil, which can stain shirts! The fresh scent of lemon and tea tree stays put all day, even after a workout. I have very sensitive skin, and this amazing product causes no irritation.

My favorite natural alternative to the popular Urban Decay Naked palette, 100% Pure's palette features a luminizer, blush, and three eyeshadows. The colors are classic and subtle and are made from the pigments of fruits, vegetables, and seeds! 

3. Luckey Thirteen Lip Balm

Obsessed with this hydrating lip balm made from cocoa butter and sweet almond oil. Unlike other lip products, this REALLY works. I sub in this for a gloss as it makes your lips super shiny! 

Noyah's all-natural and kosher lipsticks come in several stunning shades. My personal fave? Empire red. This lipstick also comes in funky bamboo packaging that results in a 60% reduction in plastic, yay! 

5. Luckey Thirteen Everlasting Radiance Facial Serum

I can't speak more highly of a face product. This organic serum is truly magical! Although at 21 I don't have any wrinkles or signs of aging, this product smoothed out my skin within days. It minimizes pores, helps clear and prevent acne and acts as a natural toner!

What are your favorite all-natural beauty products? I would love to hear from you! 

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